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Jun - Sep 2024

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Do you feel like rose gardening in this summer heat is too much to endure?


Blooms are tiny, pest damages are everywhere and roses look...ugh...struggling.

Don't lose hope EVER!


We're going to cross over to fall stronger together...

Check out these rosy must-haves

Start your beautiful rose dream


Have you've tried growing roses before but it didn't lead you to what you had hoped?


You have been thinking but have not started, not sure where to start?

You don't have to do it all alone or google every step of the way. I can help you bring that dreamy rose garden to life.

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Rose Blog

Things will be "rosy" here

Hello, thank you for visiting this little blog of mine. Like you, I love roses and dream of having a lot of flowers in my backyard to enjoy. I live in Southeast Houston, Texas 77573 where it's HOT and humid (not very far away from the gulf).

This space is where me and occassionally my rose loving friends from our FB group will be sharing about gorwing roses in Houston. We are not experts by any mean, we are gardeners just like you who love roses and learn as we grow. 


You'll hear about how each rose performs (in my no-spray yard) with very specific details/review, what made me decide not to spray in a high blackspot/disease /pest pressure, what to expect if you're interested in this approach, my trials/errors/discoveries during this journey and much more.

However you decide to care for your yard (to spray or not spray)

is entirely up to you. Every decision will be respected.


"Your garden is yours to enjoy."

Happy Growing,


Tat of RosesInHouston


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