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Growing Roses 

in Houston (Texas)

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Check out and support small businesses by our rose friends.

Eye doctor, Vet, Photographers, Therapists and more

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We do in-person meetsup a few times per year. Sign up to be on the waitlist for the next ones.

rose decor idea

Visiting Life In Rose Farm

A real rose farm in Magnolia,TX


A stunning 119 year-old Historic Southern Home in League City

A bit about me

Hello, thank you for visiting this little blog of mine. Like you, I love roses and dream of having a lot of flowers in my backyard to enjoy. I live in Southeast Houston, Texas 77573 where it's HOT and humid (not very far away from the gulf).


If you'd like to to support me in creating more rose content: please share about my business to those who need help with website or photography.


I can also be found on Instagram at @Tatiwa_H (not very active there).


Happy Growing...

Popular blog posts

Things will be "rosy" here


This space is where me and occassionally my rose loving friends from our FB group will be sharing about gorwing roses in Houston. We are not experts by any mean, we are gardeners just like you who love roses and learn as we grow. 


You'll hear about how each rose performs (in my no-spray yard) with very specific details/review, what made me decide not to spray in a high blackspot/disease /pest pressure, what to expect if you're interested in this approach, my trials/errors/discoveries during this journey and much more.

However you decide to care for your yard (to spray or not spray)

is entirely up to you. Every decision will be respected.


"Your garden is yours to enjoy."

Happy Growing,


A crazy rose lady of Houston, TX


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