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Distant Drums Rose Review 2022

If you're looking for a rose with unique ombre and ethereal efftcs, Distant Drums rose is that one stunning rose to consider. Distant Drums rose is gorgeous in every stage of its bud to bloom cycle. Its color is hard to describe, but a blend of reddish pink on the outer petals to ligther/mauve pink, light tan on the inside. This rose almost glows! Let's see how it performs here in my garden in Houston, Texas zone 9a where it's very hot and humid as I live about 40 mins away from the coast.

Distant Drums rose, roses in houston
Distant Drums rose

It took me awhile to get this rose, largely due to its bad reputation about blackspots. As I don't spray my roses, I gravitate towards more disease resistant varieties for easy care. However, Distant Drums unique beauty always stayed on my mind. Until one day in spring 2021, I went to a local nursery and spotted Distant Drums rose. Out of all the roses, its unique color stood out. As soon as I saw it in real life, I immediately added this beauty to my cart without hesitation!

What part of Houston?

League City

How long have you had this rose? What year? Its age?

I have Distant Drums rose for about a year now. Purchased in spring 2021.

Grafted or ownroot?

Grafted (don't know which rootstock)

How do you grow this rose? Pot or ground?

In ground

How much sun does it normally get on average? Morning sun? Afternoon sun? All day?

All day sun with intermittent dapple shade for a few hours in the afternoon.

If insecticide and fungicide are being used, what brands and how often do you apply?

I don't use any

How is its disease and pest resistance?

Its main disease is blackspots. I'd rate it 5 out of 10 on its blackspot resistance. In spring, this rose is blackspot-free, but it starts developing blackspots in summer. Aphids seem to love it in spring as well but it can be easily taken care of by hosing with water or removing by hands.

How long do flowers last? How's fragrance? Low or crazy amount of thorns?

Flowers last about 4-5 days in spring (I will have to update how it does in summer months. Medium fragrance. Average thorn amount.

Does it bloom frequently in our summer months? Any other observation you want to include for this rose?

It's a prolific bloomer in spring and continues to bloom in big flush until early summer. I don't remember how it did in the midst of summer (will have to update). Distant Drums color fades to light/pale pink at its last bloom stage.

Growth habit

It's a really compacted rose and has a neat grow habit, not throwing long canes in every direction. Upright and stays around 2-3 feet wide x about 3 feet tall.

See Distant Drums in a video format below

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