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Rose Pruning & Fertilizing Course

Rose Pruning & Fertilizing Course


In this online pruning and fertilizing course, I'll be demonstrating how I prune and fertilize different types of rose (various age and growth habits).



  • You may have a question: what pruner and gloves to use? I've got you covered! As soon as you purchase the course, you'll receive an instant download with product recommendations so you can prepare them before you start pruning.


PRUNING (videos will be available for acess by 2/16/24)


  • 13 roses with various growth habits (Mansfield Park, Bolero, Sparkle & Shine, Plum Perfect, Roald Dahl, Alnwick, Distant Drums, Evelyn, Belinda's Blush, Cathedral Bells, Double Easy Orange, Eustacia Vye and Raspberry Cream Twirl)

  • Tips to make pruning manageable (if you have many roses)

  • Determine what roses to prune based on size & age

  • What to do with baby ownroot roses (we'll determine based on their sizes/growths)

  • How exactly and how much to prune each rose (both shrub and climing roses)


FERTILIZING (videos will be available for acess by 2/16/24)


  • How I freshen up the soil in spring

  • What products I use

  • How I apply those products

  • How much and how often I fertilize in the spring




  • You can email and ask me if you are not sure how much to prune and I’ll reply back to let you know how much to prune.

This course is NOT suitable if you're specifically looking for info in these areas:

  • How to prune antique/old roses (they don't like to be pruned the same way as the modern roses)
  •  How to prune a Peggy Martin rose
  • How & what products to use for pest/disease prevention (I have a no-spray/chemical-free garden, but I can help if you're interested in using Nematodes or beneficial insects).


This is an online course which you'll be able to access videos at your convenience from the comfort of you home starting on Feb 16, 2024.

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