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Plum Perfect Rose 2022

Updated: Mar 21

Plum Perfect is a great purple rose to add to your yard if you want a unique color. This rose grows well in our Houston climate even when you don't want to use pesticide or fungicide at all.

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I must admit that during its 1st year I wasn't sure i liked it. I received a band ownroot (baby plant) Plum Perfect towards the end of summer 2020. Its health wasn't that good, but I mean for a very young rose it was just like a baby. You couldn't expect it to be immune to pests and diseases as well as other matured roses. Bloom shape, form, and petal count were not ideal in its first several months. Chilli thrips hit it hard during its first 3 months, then we had that historic freeze/snow. I was glad it made it through all those difficult circumstances.

Unfortunately, I couldn't detect fragrance. Sometimes I detect mild fragrance but rare.

1st bloom on a tiny baby plant above

Since then its health and vigor became more noticeable around 7 or 8 months. Petal counts have gotten better as well as bloom shape. If you grow this one from a band rose like me, patience (a lot of it) is a virtue because it's totally worth the wait. Its resistance to balckspots amd chilli thrips increase as well.

Its growth habit at 1+ year old

Spent blooms

Its height and width at 1 year is around 4ft tall and 3ft wide

Overall, Plum Perfect performs really well once it's more matured. It's quite a prolific bloomer and blooms consistently in cluster. Highly recommend for Houston.

Do you have Plum Perfect or do you plan to add to your garden?


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Debbie Niles
Debbie Niles
Apr 15, 2022

It is on my list!

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