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Topics that are available for immediate access in

the Blooming with Joy Subscription


**new topics to add each month**

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Dream of having a beautiful rose garden in your backyard?

Blooming with Joy Subscription

​Suitable for:

  • Brand new rose lovers with no to very little experience and want to have prolific roses to enjoy throughout the year

  • More experienced rose lovers who want to know tips/what/how I care for my roses and want some enouragement during tough summer months​

  • Rose lovers who are interested in learning how to create a no-spray rose garden

What you can expect with this monthly subscription:

  • Exclusive blog posts available 24/7 and immediate access (only accessible by paid subscribers)

  • Unlimited access for as long as you remain a subscriber, you can cancel anytime.

  • How I started my rose garden

  • How I planned and handled areas with poor drainage

  • Growing roses in the ground VS in the pots

  • How I mix my soil & prepare areas to plant

  • Where I buy all my gardening supplies

  • How I use beneficial insects & nematodes

  • What you need to successfully grow roses in challenging hot & humid climate​​

  • And everything I do each month to maintain my roses

  • Email support: ask questions via email pertaining to the monthly topic(s)

Note that this is NOT suitable for people who are seeking professional advice on how to diagnose or treat rose diseases. I am not an expert in those areas. I grow my roses without using any pesticide/insectide/fungicide/Bayer 3 in 1.

How to log in to your Blooming with Joy member area after purchasing?

Step 1: On your mobile phone, click "Log In" on the menu. On your desktop/iPad, click "Log in" at the very top of the page


Step 2: If you have not signed up or created an account with a password, go ahead and sign up. If you have done so already, click "Already a member? Log In.


Step 3: All of the topics to date for the Blooming with joy members area listed on this page.


If you have trouble logging in, please email me at and allow up to 48 hours for response.

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Select your paln

  • One Week Trial

    One week access (7 days), one time payment
    Valid for one week
    • One week to access selected Blooming with Joy topics
    • One-time payment (NO recurring payment)
    • A great way to try out the Blooming with Joy program
    • No monthly commitment
    • You select the date, when to start
  • Blooming with Joy

    Every month
    Monthly Subscription
    • Sharing with you my monthly rose routine
    • How I grow roses in pot, ground and raised bed
    • Fertilizing mix, schedule and how & when I fertilize
    • Integrate beneficial insects & nematodes
    • and everything I do in my rose garden
    • Q & A via email regarding the monthly topics

"Blooming with Joy" will renew automatically every month. It's a recurring plan. If you prefer a one-time access, select "One-week Trial".

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