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Koko Loko Rose Review 2022 (updated)

Updated: Mar 21

This mauve beauty is not only unique, but a stunner in every way. If you're thinking about adding Koko Loko rose to your garden, you're in the right place. Its color varies from bud to bloom with classy rose form. It adds and blends so well with many other colors and looks great in any arrangement.

I purchased Koko Loko as an own root from Heirloom Roses in 2020 so this rose is about one year old now in my garden as of October 2021. At first Koko Loko was slow growing, I got very few blooms last year. My Koko Loko is grown in this Suncase Sanora pot .

It did incredibly well even during the crazy freeze/snow storm that we had back in Feb 2020 despite being outside. It's the last rose to wake up from the winter but once it's fully awake, it has been pumping out blooms all summer long. Koko Loko is introduced by Weeks Roses.

Let's take a deeper look in these 4 areas.

Koko Loko's Growth Habit: It's more upright at this point, not leggy. Mine is about 3 ft tall.

koko loko rose
Koko Loko rose in 2021

koko loko rose, koko loco rose, koko loko
Koko Loko rose in summer 2022: fuller, taller but still great to grow in a pot.

Koko Loko's Disease/Pest Resistance: The main disease I've seen is blackspots which is minimal. Sawfly larvae seems to love it (but don't they like most roses anyway)? It's one of the easiest care rose in my no-spray garden this summer. That alone is a win for me.

Koko Loko's Heat Tolerance: you know how brutal TX summer/heat can be. This beauty does so incredibly well and keeps pumping out blooms consistently in 2022 when we had drought for 2 months in the summer.

Koko Loko's Flowers and Thorns: I do detect light to medium fragrance mostly in the morning from Koko Loko. Hard to describe its fragrance, but I like it. Sort of crisp and clean scent. In its 1st year, its flower was about 2-3 inches when fully open. In 2022, flower size is a bit bigger. Average thorns. The trick with this rose is to cut when it starts to open so you can see it open beautifully inside. Once it's opened up all the way, it could look unattractive (depends on your preference).

Buds open up really fast in high heat so I always cut and bring them in to enjoy at its bud stage when it starts to open. I have to admit I am not really loving its look when it's open up all the way, but I do find that each bloom stage is unique and beautiful in its own way. Color changes as you can see from below photo.

So the verdict is - Koko Loko (on own root, don't know how a grafted one does) performs incredibly well even if not sprayed (at least in my yard).

Since last year, Koko Loko has become very popular so it may be hard to find. You can check out a few online vendors like Chamblee's Nursery, High Country Roses or Northland Rosarium. Heirloom Roses offer it as well but their price is quite high.

Koko Loko blooms in summer 2022

Do you have Koko Loko? How do you like yours?

If I forgot to cover anything, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask.

Are you new to roses or want to know my tips on how I care for my roses all year round to get abundant blooms? Check out Blooming with Joy monthly subscription here.

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