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Roses In Houston contains both free and paid blog contents for you to enjoy. Some blog posts that require more time to gather photos and info, I turn them into paid content to help create income from writing/sharing and pay for the expenses of running this website/blog.


The free blog posts will remain free and new topics will be added periodically.

Most of my roses are at least 2-3 years old that I have grown in my own backyard. I do not treat my rose with anything (no neem oil, no insecticide / miticide / Bayer 3 in 1 / fungicide). This way, I'll be able to tell you which roses can thrive in a no-spray environment and which roses will perform better with treatments.

Below are some of the highlights of what I've put together and will add more each month:



What you can expect


Rose review only:

Each month, two rose reivews (or more) will be released to the member-only area. Each rose review consists of in-depth information, including photos and/or videos, year to year comparison, rootstock, where I bought those roses, where you can buy, growth habit, pest/disease resistance, and much more. A full list can be found here.

Blooming with Joy

Perfect for people who are new to roses or are interested in a no-spray appraoch or simply want to know how I care for my roses. You may find more info here.

Questions: Email me at

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