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Upcoming Rose Reviews, here's the list

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

It has been a LONG time since I did my last rose review. I have to admit that it feels dreadful at times to prepare a blog post although I really enjoy sharing them with you. Resizing photos, doing in-depth review, and preparing each blog post take a long time to do especially when I want to make it very informative/helpful for people wanting to grow roses in Houston.

all dressed up rose, pink rose, pink rose bouquet, how to grow roses, growing roses in houston
All Dressed Up rose

A few years ago, I was desparately searching for this kind of info, but couldn't find people around Houston sharing, especially on the varieties tha I wanted to grow. So here I am sharing what I have and know.

The good thing is - roses have more time to grow while I have more time to observe. If you recall, my intent is to wait until at least one year to evaluate and share my thoughts on roses. Judging them too early won't be fair. Each year, I'll try to do an update on the ones previously reviewed so you can see the comparison from year 1, year 2 and year 3.

fun in the sun rose, fun in the sun, pink rose, peachy rose, apricot rose, unique colored rose
Fun in the Sun rose

These are the list of roses that I'll be reviewing and sharing in the weeks or months to come (not in this particular order, it will be by age. Some roses will be almost 3 and some will be a min of 1 year):

  1. Desdomona (David Austin)

  2. Mary Rose (David Austin)

  3. Gentle Hermoine (David Austin)

  4. Bathsheba (David Austin)

  5. Shropshire Lad (David Austin)

  6. Roald Dahl (David Austin)

  7. Spirit of Freedom (David Austin)

  8. Alnwick (David Austin)

  9. Evelyn (David Austin)

  10. Silas Marner (David Austin)

  11. Eustacia Vye (David Austin)

  12. Celestial Night

  13. Scentimental

  14. Sparkle & Shine

  15. Polka

  16. Red Eden

  17. Lady of the Mist

  18. Love Song

  19. Violet Pride

  20. Wicked Sister

  21. Bliss Parfuma

  22. Majestic

  23. Moonlight in Paris

  24. Bordeaux

  25. Borelo

  26. Sombruil climing rose

  27. Raspberry Cream Twirl

  28. Crazy Love

  29. Florentina

  30. Earth Angel

  31. Double Easy Orange

  32. Pink Peace

  33. Belinda Blush

  34. Cathedral Bells

  35. Princess Charlene de Monaco

  36. All Dressed Up

  37. Fun in the Sun

  38. Hot Cocoa

  39. Pinkerbelle

  40. Tequila Supreme

  41. True Passion

  42. Cream Veranda (bought 6/9/23)

  43. Cappucino (Grace Rose Farm Exclusive)

  44. Gentle Trendsetter (Grace Rose Farm Exclusive)

  45. Mansfield Park (Grace Rose Farm Exclusive)

  46. Unforgettable (Grace Rose Farm Exclusive

  47. Geoff Hamilton (spring 2024)

  48. William Morris (spring 2024)

That's all I can remember, if something was missing, I'll add when I realize which ones I forgot. I honestly lost count what I have. I mean who keeps track when you have fun growing them?? You can also see reviews of other roses on the blog.

Stay tuned and have fun growing.


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Looking forward to it, I think I have 10 of your list

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