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Young Lycidas

Updated: Mar 21

Young Lycidas is such an underrated David Austin rose. For 1.5 years, I rarely came across any review about this beauty. Thank to our kind member Teresa B. in our Growing Roses in Houston Texas FB group. When she shared photos of her super prolific Young Lycidas, I knew I had to connect with Teresa and asked her about this gorgeous David Austin rose and how it does in Houston. Enjoy!

What part of Houston?

Pearland- Zone 9A

How long have you had this rose? What year? Its age?

I bought it as barefoot March 2021....less than a year. When I planted it I have to add DA Mycorrhizal Fungi for better root system and vigor as well as higher resistance for drought and of course abundant per DA ;-)

How do you grow this rose? Pot or ground? If in the pot, what's its width/depth?

All my roses are in pots, in 20 to 22 inches wide....Homedepot

How much sun does it normally get on average? Morning sun? Afternoon sun? All day?

It gets late morning sun and all afternoon sun.

If insecticide and fungicide are being used, what brands and how often do you apply?

I follow the DA recommendation schedule for fertilizing and Pruning under SOUTH Central and Lower Midwest I used the fish Fertilizer. Captain Jack's for thrips.....the only thing that work for thrips.

How is its disease and pest resistance?

Its quite disease resistant, it was the last to have black spots ....only during November if I remember it right .....I also used the Bioadvance all in one care spray once a month in the late afternoon.

How long do flowers last? How's fragrance? Low or crazy amount of thorns?

The flowers last long actually ,big cupped deep magenta with medium tea rose smell that I can smell once i open the gate .....the stem does not seem to hold the flower that much, has a lot of petal counts, maybe when the plant matures enough it will be strong to hold up the blooms , they bloom in clusters too....I would say its medium amount of thorns.

Does it bloom frequently in our summer months? Any other observation you want to include for this rose?

It did start blooming non-stop from summer to fall , the more I snipped or deadhead spent flowers , the more flower sprout it gives me. The the color does not fade at all and you can see those petal on the ground , they looked so lovely. It needs an obelisk for support. I have more butterflies in my backyard.

Information and photos kindly provided by

Teresa B.

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