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Prepaing your roses for a cold snap in October 2023

Isn't crazy that we're getting a cold blast already in October? Talking about extreme weather from the hot like h*ll summer and we're going to have a cold fall?

Apologies in advance for typos and grammatical errors: I typed this up fast early morning. Will correct & update as soon as I possibly can.

Should you be concerned/worried about your roses a big drop of temperature next week?

Depending on where you're located in Texas. Some of y'all are in Austin, San Antonio, Waco and etc. In those areas, they tend to be colder than Houston.

When you're new to roses, it's totally normal to be concerned. These are some tips to help you ease your worries:

Roses do better in cold weather than hot summers. Trust me when I say this. However, a big drop/change in temp is what can impact some roses that struggled this summer.

My suggestions are:

💦 If your temp will go down close to 35°F or below. Do deep watering in advance if there is no rain in sight (no need to water if it's going to rain).

If your temp stays around 40°, I am not worried. You can water if you'd like.

Watering helps protect roots, it's especially very important if you have roses in pots. Temperature inside the pots is usually much more extreme either mich hotter during hot days and colder in cold days than in the ground.

Water your potted roses deeply (just one time is good since our cold days won't last more than a week)

🌱 What about baby or young roses that are still in nursery pots or recently planted in pots? If you're concerned, put them in a garage if temp is close to freezing.

If they have been planted, mulch around the base and water deeply (both in ground and pots) Mulch helps keep them warm.

🌹For matured roses: if they struggled badly this summer and don't look too promising. Mulch around the base to provide some warmth. No need to dig them up to pot them as that may cause more stress to an alraedy stressed plant.

In the Houston areas, we won't get that cold so this weather may help revive them from harsh summer months.

💬 Should I cover my roses?

If you are in Houston, I do not worry about covering your roses. Even during snow, my young and matured roses survived. No covering for me. Save the freeze clothes for your other cold-sensitive plants.

For y'all up in the north where it's much colder, use your discretion. The only situation I may cover is IF your roses look like they're SEVERELY struggling and close to the brink of death after summer. Otherwise I won't.

For healthy roses, leave them be. They will really enjoy the weather.

From my experience with snow and freeze over this decade, especially the most recent ones in 2021 and 2022, roses that struggled during both summers have various results.

Some that struggled badly to grow/survive during hot summer months of 2021 ended up going to rose heaven after the freeze while some flourished like they were given new life! It's crazy how that works and you just never know who will flourish or depart.

I wouldn'tworry too much because worrying doesn't help anything but ruin your mental health. Weather will continue to shift and change in the way that we can't predict. Roses are extremely resilient and hardy.

If this post s helpful to you or you know that it can help your rose friends, please share with them.

Happy growing,


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