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Behind the Scenes: The Rose Experience April 2023

Updated: Jan 16

Houston rose lovers united among thousands of roses this April 29, 2023. Finally the most participating meetup/event for our Growing Roses In Houston group was here. For the past several weeks leading to 4/29, I monitored the weather channel like a mad woman.

Hosting an outdoor event purely depends on luck if you ask me, especially in our unpredictable Houston weather. Lo and behold, thanks to mother nature for creating a rain-free, sunshine-filled, and gorgeous day for us. Our Roses In Houston event went BEAUTIFULLY all afternoon!! Me throwing confetti with so much gratefulness!

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Since starting our Growing Roses In Houston FB group in 2021, I experiened firsthand how meeting with people who share the same interest in real life could be so fulfiling and fun, especially after we all had to isolate ourseleves during Covid. Bringing online interactions to real-life connections again makes a joyful difference.

You know when you're obsessed with something, it can be a hobby or something you truly enjoy, you just can't stop talking about it. Your family and friends don't share the same excitement as you do so when you meet people who love the same thing, the rest is history!

Here I'm sharing the behind the scene of us, a family of 3, prepping and setting up for our event. Let the photos tell the story, shall we?

As of 4am, I woke up for some odd reason and couldn't manage to go back to sleep. Not sure whether that's an excitement, worries, or what. It seemed that my brain just couldn't stop planning the brain. It went from one scene to another like a movie and I was over here laying in bed tired and wanting to go back to sleep, but could not -_- Oh well, might as well get the day started bright and early. I had an exciting day ahead and couldn't be more thankful and excited to do this.

Our original plan was to leave the house by 10am because it would take about 1 hour 20 mins to get to Magnolia. We delayed a bit and managed to get out of the house by 10:30.

FULLY LOADED! Doesn't this look like we're going on a LONG road trip?? Luckily, traffic was smooth sailing all the way.

packing for a trip

Finally made it to Life In rose Farm around Noon with 2 coolers and several bags.

Pick up 3 buckets of roses from the barn to bring back to The Glasshouse

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The BEST perfume we've ever experienced!! The MOST GORGEOUS fragrance ever! Roses in these buckets are Sweet Mademoiselle, Violet Pride, Bliss Parfuma, Cathedral Bell, Scentuous & Distant Drums.

roses in a trunk, roses in a car, a car filled with roses, romantic rose, fragrant roses

Oh my goodness!! Can they be more gorgeous than this?? Absolutley stunnning Moonlight In Paris rose.

moonlight in paris rose, peach rose, apricot rose, delbard rose, blush rose, sweet mademoiselle rose, violet pride rose, lavender rose

Picture perfect setup right here. That umbrella, those rose, the glasshouse, the sky, the table, those white chairs.

vintage umbrella, lemon print umbrella, roses, romantic roses, david austin roses, english roses, french roses, sweet mademoiselle rose, bliss parfuma rose

3 words to describe - TO..DIE...FOR! The orange roses in the front are Sweet Mademoiselle. Purple roses are Violet Pride.

sweet mademoiselle rose, scentuous rose, delbard rose, a table full of roses, moonlight in paris rose, cathedral bell roses, violet pride rose

Pink roses are Scentuous and the creamy roses are Moonlight In Paris.

scentuous rose, delbard rose, moonlight in paris rose

BEFORE we started our setup

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Let's transform this place!

Mommy and daughter team

venue at life in rose farm


BUT here's what happened. Before everything looked so rosy and whimsical, The wind just kept knocking down the flower vases and cards multiple times we had yo close the door. Then it got extra warm inside. It sure didn't go smoothly but we managed. Thanks to my husband who artistically arranged these flowers into tye vases. He's quite a pro!

roses and table setup at life in rose farm

Can you believe how fresh flowers can make a HUGE impact. They can transform the entire place ...full of liveliness and beauty.

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event for rose lovers at life in rose farm

Nom Nom....Our refreshment station features Chicken salad sandwiches, Pimento cheese sandwiches, Ham & Cheese sandwiches, Turkey sandwiches from the catering company in Seabrook. LOTS of fresh fruits, organic veggies, crackers, assorted cheese, chips, mixed nuts & donut holes. And a lot of roses as food for the soul of course!

event setup at life in rose farm

Theresa of Life In Rose Farm is sharing her experience, knowledge, and stories with our group members.

event at life in rose farm magnolia texas

To respect the privacy of our event attendees, I covered their faces to the best of my ability. I didn't ask for their permission to post photos with them in it.

glasshouse, elegant glasshouse, life in rose farm, roses, rose, rose farm in texas, rose farm near houston, roses in houston

By the way, we had 4 door prizes, giving away to 4 lucky group members. I was busy and forgot to take photos of the doorprizes.

life in rose farm, roses, rose, rose farm in texas, rose farm near houston, roses in houston

Let's take a peek outside. Y'all, how GORGEOUS this weather is?!?! I thank mother nature a million times and more. Time to stroll through the rose farm and soak in all the beauties under this gorgeous sun.

life in rose farm, roses, rose, rose farm in texas, rose farm near houston, roses in houston

That's our 2nd spring rose event for our Growing Roses In Houston FB group. So much lesson learned for me to help me improve for the future meetups/events. Thank you to those who were very patient with me and let me curate this experience for you. While tiring and overwhelming at certain points, the smiles and kind words at the end of every event are totally worth it.

Finally we had tobsay farewell to tye beautiful roses, driving 70 miles home and my heart was FULL. Mission possible! Felt like I accomplished another big goal in my bucket list.


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