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Evelyn rose REVIEW by David Austin (hot & humid)

Evelyn rose REVIEW by David Austin (hot & humid)


Evelyn rose has undoubtedly been the highly sourced after/coveted David Austin rose for the past several years. When I first entered the world of roses, like you, I was so curious to know what the hype was all about.


People talked about its intoxicating fragrance and beautiful shape/form of the flowers. I had to find out by myself because it seemed like this rose was brought up almost every single day in the rose groups I was in.


In this 12-page review, I'll cover the following areas: (please note that my location and growing location impacts how this rose performs. If you are in the PNW, your Evelyn will perform very differently).


*Where to find this rose

*Growth habit

*Disease / Pest tolerance

*Heat tolerance

*Flower & Fragrance


IMPORTANT: this is NOT an actual rose plant, it's a comprehensive rose review ebook/document. If you purchase by a mistake, there is no refund. DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, NO REFUND. Please contact me if you have trouble opening the file.

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