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Art Therapy


at  Life In Rose Farm

The Road To Self Love Through Art.

Watercolor Greeting Cards-Brush Painting & Therapy Workshop

Join our private rose farm experience
at Life In Rose Farm (Magnolia, TX)

When: Sat, July 8

Time: 2:00 pm - 4:00pm

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full bloom at life in rose farm

I am Nguyet, I say, “New-wett,” just like Juliett. 


Life has a way of weaving its own tapestry for us when we go out of our way to misalign the divine calling in our lives. I had done just that for many years.  I am grateful that God works all things for good and today, I am an artist, an aspiring writer and speaker.


My experience and education in Psychology and Occupational Therapy blesses me to serve my community in private practice as a certified Life Coach, and a certified Masters Practitioner in Neurolinguistics Programming.

I teach about self love and self care and I practice this along with those who hear my message. Some days we do better than others, but we keep going and we keep getting back up when we fall. 

Your experience

Art & Self-Love Workshop ($105)

*2 hours at the rose farm inside The French Cottage

Most of us don’t think we can afford the luxury. Whether it is a five minute quiet time or a five minute walk to lovingly move our bodies, or a day at the spa. But because we have experienced that self care leads to self love, and self acceptance, it has been worth the decision to make it all a lifestyle. In this workshop, we will learn more about ourselves and how to care for that most precious person we will ever know. We will connect, have fun, as Art will come alongside us for this amazing time! 

In this workshop, you will learn 

  • What is self love

  • Why is it crucial to have self love

  • How self love can transform your life

  • What to do to cultivate self love

  • Precautions to having self love

  • Meditation self love

(You will be guided through a gratitude meditation to connect to Self for self love)


  • You will learn a basic Chinese brush painting technique to make the cherry blossom flower and use the brush strokes creatively

  • You will receive 2 blank greeting cards and envelopes to do watercolor, and two sleeves to put your artwork in

Paint and supplies to create your greeting cards will be provided

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2) Serious commitment (non-refundable, rain or shine). Ticket can be transferred to another person. 

Image by Sergey Semin

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