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What's blooming: April 2022

I was looking through my Google photos and found several photos of the roses that I took but never got to share. So I thought I'd do a monthly post that showcases what's blooming that month. I'll try to include name(s) in each photo.

Silas Marner by David Austin

Silas Marner by David Austin

Bordeaux by Kordes

Bordeaux by Kordes (fully opened)

Jump for Joy by Weeks

Jump for Joy by Weeks

All Dressed Up

Mary by David Austin

Mary by David Austin

Distant Drums - see full review here

Boscobel - see full review here

Koko Loko - see full review here

Plum Perfect (front) - full review here | Boscobel (back)

Evelyn by David Austin

Evelyn by David Austin (it starts out apricot and turns pink then fades to white)

Le Petit Prince - full review here

Life of the Party - full review here

Gentle Hermoine by David Austin

Earth Angel by Kordes (the only nice bloom I got, others were destroyed by thrips this spring)

Mini roses from HEB purchased a year ago

Sparkle and Shine by Weeks (my oldest rose that inspired me to grow more and without using spray - read more about My Rose Journey here)

A little bit of everything. Evelyn in the front.

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