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New to growing roses?

Want to start a beautiful rose garden in your own backyard, but not sure where/how to start or wonder if it's even possible? I'm here to assure you that it is more than possible to grow and enjoy abundance of roses even in a hot & humid climate like Houston, TX.

I'm excited to launch a new section of the website, exclusively to share how to I grow and care for my roses in full detail every month, how I've built my no-spray rose garden and more. Below is the list of some topics you can expect to see.


This is the right option for you IF:

1) You are new to growing roses (thinking about starting, just started or have been growing less than 1-2 years)

2) You want to start a no-spray garden and need support

3) Want to know how I grow/care for my roses all year round in details (what and how I do my soil/mulch/fertilizer, how I deal with diseases and pestss in detailed steps and all).

4) Want to have a "joyful" rose gardening experience, open to embrace a new mindset, and surround yourself with positivity, possibilities and opportunities to learn.

This is NOT suitable for:

1) Highly experienced rose gardeners or experts

2) People who seek expert level advice in growing roses and how to deal with diseases/pests professionally.

3) RRD (rose rosette disease) diagnosis


A member-only, monthly subscription ($12.99/month)

  • ​Exclusive content (only accessible by paid subscribers)

  • Video and writing format

  • Some of the topics inclulde the followings:

Ownroot, Grafted, Bareroot or Potted. What are they?


My favorite places to buy roses both online and local

Use this space to tell people more about what you do or a featured service.

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