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New to growing roses?

If you feel intimidated, overwhlemed, and lost - would it be nice to have a support community for you where you will be surrounded by rose loving friends who have the same experience level and you will also have me to help guide and encourage you along the journey? 

Some people do well with information via Google search and Youtube tutorials or local rose society, some people find it to be overwhelming and confusing.

Don't get me wrong, being in a big rose group (or groups) helps inspire all of us. However, as a beginner, some people feel intimidated because you don't know what you don't know. You may find that when you ask some questions, you don't get the answers or the clear/full answers you're hoping for. Or you may be too shy to ask so you only read. Not that the more experienced gardeners don't want to help you by any mean. I found that some people don't have the time to go through all details or it gets tiring of answering the same questions over and over. Not their fault, not your fault.

I have been in both positions in my rose growing journey - a beginner and a more experienced rose gardener so I totally understand and want to help cater an experience that suits your needs.


This is the right otpion for you IF:

1) You are new to growing roses (thinking about starting, just started or have been growing less than 1-2 years)

2) Like my approach in how I share and explain things in the group, on the blog and on my Youtube channel

3) Want to know how I grow/care for my roses all year round in details (what and how I do my soil/mulch/fertilizer, how I deal with diseases and pestss in detailed steps and all).

4) Be in a group where you get ongoing support and encouragements to grow your roses even during challenging times. Do you get excited with a new rose season in spring but by summer, you get discouraged and think about quitting? This could be the right place for you.

5) Want to have a "joyful" rose gardening experience, open to embrace a new mindset, and surround yourself with positivity, possibilities and opportunities to learn.

This is NOT suitable for:

1) Highly experienced rose gardeners or experts

2) People who seek expert level advice in growing roses and how to deal with diseases/pests professionally.

3) RRD (rose rosette disease) diagnosis

4) People who think things are impossible, non-sense, stupid or all negative in this world. And have zero desire to look at things differently.


What will you get if you join a member-only, monthly subscription?


  • Exclusive content: detailed, step-by-step information via videos and writing that will be available only for members. Starting in early 2023.

  • Member-only community/group that is separate from our current rose group

  • Be the first to get a chance to RSVP our rose group events


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